How to Block a Number on Jazz: Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

If you are a Jazz user, annoyed about unwanted Calls and SMS and looking for how to cope with this awkward situation then keep on reading this step-by-step guide on how to block a number on Jazz.

Dealing with unwanted calls and messages can be very frustrating, but with the right knowledge, you can regain control of your phone calls.

Whether you receive persistent spam calls or want to avoid certain contacts, I have got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the process of blocking numbers on Jazz. Say goodbye to disruptions and regain your peace of mind with this easy to follow instructions.

How to Block Annoying and Spam Calls / Messages on Mobilink Jazz

If you are among the ones who is tired of spam or annoying calls and SMS from certain numbers then I have a solution for you. Yes, you heard it right! You can easily block a number on Jazz by simply dialing a code *420# from your Jazz number.

After dialling the Jazz number block code, a menu will appear as shown in the below screenshot. You can easily navigate the menu and select options of your own choice.

What is the Code to Block Jazz Calls and SMS in 2023

The code for accessing the blocking service menu if *420#. When you dial a jazz number blocking code you will get multiple options such as “Add number to Blocklist”, “Check numbers in the Blacklist”, “Remove Number”, “Unsubscribe”, “Call blacklist history”, “View Blacklist”, and so on.

How to Block Number on Jazz (Step by Step)

  • As mentioned above that, *420# is Jazz number blocking code so Dial *420# from you Jazz SIM.
  • After dialing code you will see a menu having different options.
  • Selection the option “Add a muber to the blacklist”
  • You will be asked to enter the number you wish to block.
  • After entering Jazz number you want to block, click “Ok”
  • Thats it! Your entered Jazz number is added in blacklisted and as a result, you are not going to received call / sms from that number.

How to Unblock Number on Jazz (Step by Step)

  • From your Jazz number, dial *420#
  • Click on “Remove number” or “Remove number from blacklist”
  • Select desired number you want to unblock.
  • Click “Ok” to confirm.

How to Unsubscribe from Jazz Number Blocking Service (Step by Step)

Jazz users can unsubscribe Jazz number blocking service at anytime without any charges. Follow to below steps to unsubscribe from service.

  • Dial *420# from your Jazz number.
  • Select the option “Unsubscribe service”
  • Confirm to unsubscribe.
  • You will be successfully unsubcribe from Jazz number blocking service.

Note: All numbers added to your blacklist bucket will automatically be added to whitelist meanining you will receive Calls / SMS’s from those numbers once you deactivated the service.

How to Check Blocked Numbers (Step by Step)

This service also offers you to check all the numbers, you have already blocked (added in your blacklist). How to check Jazz block number, follow the instructions below:

  • Dial *420# for main menu.
  • Select “Check Number in Blacklist” option from the main menu.
  • In the next screen, you will see the list of numbers you have blocked or added in your backlist.

How to Check History of Jazz Blocked Numbers (Step by Step)

You can also check history of all the numbers you have blocked. History also contains number you have blocked once and unblocked later on. To check the history of all the Jazz numbers you have blocked, follow the below steps:

  • Enter the Jazz number block menu by dialing the code *420#
  • Select the option number 6 which is “Call Blacklist History”
  • Once selected, you will see all the history of all the blacklisted or blocked Jazz numbers.

What are the Charges to Block a Jazz Number or Avail Jazz Number Blocking Services

To avail this service, you will be charged Rs. 1.63/- (including tax) per day. This means Rs. 1.63/- will be deducted from you account balance on daily basis.

What are the General Terms and Conditions of Jazz Call/SMS Block Service

  • Jazz reserves the right to change rate for this service at anytime.
  • Incase of any changes in the service rates, prior notice will be given to customer via SMS or any other medium.
  • 15% as an advance income tax will be deducted on each recharge in Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Addition to advance income tax, Sales tax of 19.5% will be applicable in Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Gilgit Baltistan is exempted from taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Block a Number on Jazz?

    You can block a number on Jazz by simply dialling Jazz number block code *420# from your Jazz number. Select “Add Number to Block” option in the menu to block a certain number.

  2. How many Jazz Numbers can I Block?

    You can block maximum of 50 Jazz numbers.

  3. What will happens if I have subscribed for the service and my account has zero balance?

    As for this service, charges are deducted from you available Jazz balance on daily baisis and incase, you don’t have sufficient balance then you can continue to enjoy the blocking service with even having zero balance in your account. However, you will be charged along with remaining arrears / previous unpaid bills once you recharge you account balance.

  4. How can I Unblock a Jazz number?

    You can simply unblock a Jazz number by dialing the code *420# and select the option “Remove number from the blacklist”

  5. How to unsubscribe from the Jazz blocking service?

    To unsubscribe from the service, dial *420# and select “Unsubscribe the service” from the menu.

  6. Do I have to subscribe for this service on daily basis?

    No, this is a recurring subscription which will be automatically renewed on daily basis unless and until you unsubscribe from it by dialing jazz number blocking code of *420#

For further details, Click here to visit official Page of Jazz Call CMS Block Service

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